What You Don't Know About Gen Z

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We're constantly trying to define others in relation to ourselves, particularly when those other people are of a younger generation. Generation Z (or Gen Z as they're popularly called), are the newest "it" group: they're young, they're supposedly addicted to technology, and they've grown up in a time of great precarity and massive change. But what do we really know about them? This book outlines what's most commonly being said about Gen Z-ers — in the many reports, whitepapers, and slideshows that tout them as the ones to watch — and debunks the myths and rumours that are perpetuated. Authors Jaraad Mootee and Dominic Smith examine Gen Z's media consumption habits, political allegiances, behavior on social media, purchase patterns, and critical thinking abilities in order to offer a more holistic and considered approach to the generation as a whole-all while keeping in mind the problematic nature of traditional generational research.

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