The Simplicity Issue

Idea Couture


There is so much one can write about 'simplicity' and in turn, of course, 'complexity.' Their intertwined relationship is anything but simple and complexity and simplicity are often, and intuitively, regarded as two extremes of a spectrum. But simplicity cannot be evaluated single-dimensionally. If we're going to discuss simplicity, let's begin by understanding the difference between simple and complex - and also, ordered, complicated, chaotic and fuzzy. 

In this fall issue, MISC looks at 'simplicity' from all angles. We look at the dynamic relationship between complexity and simplicity through the lens of architecture, service design, branding, management, packaged goods, myth, and of course, innovation. This issue includes interviews with Colin Beaven and tweets from Knaan along with a look at the upcoming work from the students at the Royal College of Art. Our list of contributors includes, Donald A. Norman, Dr Bob Jacobson and Sidney K. Robinson, along with many others who explore and investigate the concept of Simplicity. 

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